Get Yours Today – Better Questions, Better Life

A card deck to assist, inspire and help in creating your personal vision.

Questions that promote wonder and curiosity help you open your thinking to allow better opportunities and possibilities to come forth for you.

In this deck, each card has a different question to use as a focus point to explore your higher vision.

The deck also has individual coloring for each card, giving you the option to choose a focus based on the color that speaks to you for a given session.

Choose one of the 77 cards randomly to use as a point of inquiry, or pick a phrase deliberately to let it help you reach a higher and higher understanding of a particular topic.

Better Questions, Better Life helps you by asking inward questions that are designed to move your thinking forward for a successful life.

Use them frequently. The way you continue your visionary journey will provide you with the focus and calm assurance you need to keep the visionary fires burning.