The Value of Good Questions

The most important thing is to not stop questioning. ~ Albert Einstein

I am sure you have heard it said that there are no bad questions.  All questions yield results and answers. The more you pay attention to the quality of questions you are asking, the more flow and happiness you will experience. Better questions yield better results and therefore a better life. Asking inward questions that are designed to move your thinking forward are essential for a successful life. It is the curious that create what others cannot yet see. Using better questions leads to better results. Allowing your natural curiosity to become awakened and to use your questions with focus is the habit of successful people.

Curiosity and never ceasing to ask questions are the hallmark of someone who if focused and ultimately successful in living their vision. As I was growing up, my best friend’s grandfather always asked questions. We all experienced his litany of questions that we were unable to fully appreciate as your adolescents. He was curious and inquisitive. He never stopped questioning. He created numerous solutions to challenges and great success in many areas. He knew how to ask questions that yielded the best results.

I grew over time to be attracted to his questions and his thinking. I learned a great deal from him and today I can hear his reasoning coming from my mouth as I investigate an idea or tackle a challenge. Better questions lead to better solutions. I am grateful that I learned this at an early age.

No matter the appearance of your progress, keep asking questions. Focus on solutions and insights that are waiting for your understanding and implementation. Questions can yield powerful results and you are meant for the powerful results. One question I use often is: “Is what I am about to do going to get me where I say I want to go”.  This question helps me remain in my personal alignment and integrity.

How questions tend to open doors. Use them frequently. How can you continue your visionary journey with focus and a calm assurance? Questions keep the fire burning.

Today, ponder questions you use in your life. Are they helping you move forward or are they holding you back? Now, choose a motivation or clarifying question that you can use regularly. Practice using your question (or you can use mine) and see how it helps your focus.


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