What deeds do you want to see multiplied? is a powerful question that helps me stay focused. It is the little deeds, that often have great impact. Earlier today, a young boy, about 12 years old, held the door for me going into a store. He had a big smile and he was gracious. I thanked him and he responded with sweet words. He made my day.

Our deeds are important and paying attention to what we want to see multiplied is paramount. Deeds like gossip, a good deed not done, anger or frustration are deeds that you may not want to see multiplied. We all have the potential for a vast array of emotion and actions. In fact, this is what makes us so amazing. We have free will in our ability and choices in our deeds.

Dianne A Allen takes her group to the beach for meditation.What do you want to see multiplied?

Even in the face of anger, grief or frustration, we have choice in how we express these experiences in our words and deeds. Those around us, particularly our children, are always watching. Your deeds are multiplied through others who take your lead. The way you move through the world, the look on your face and the way you handle things are all reflections of your inner world that are then multiplied.

It is good to be a conscious traveler through life rather than an accidental tourist who learns things the hard way. Whatever you are doing is multiplying and returning to you in one fashion or another. By paying attention to your deeds and understanding that they will circle back gives you the chance to be attentive in a new way.

Being conscious about what your deeds are doesn’t take away life’s challenges, it simply means that you have a more awake and aware way to walking through life with grace and ease.

What deeds of yours exemplify grace, joy, love, kindness and compassion? Can you see the great impact in these deeds being multiplied?

Sometimes you may inadvertently multiply deeds you are not wanting to see more of in your world. Deeds like mis-spoken facts or a harmful word. You are human and cannot expect yourself to make no mis-takes. The point of this question on this card is to help you focus during your day on those deeds you wish to see more of in the world.

When I pull this card, I often consciously exhibit more kindness and friendliness to others, particularly strangers I run into in my daily travels.

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